timber walkway mesh netting

Stop Using Plastic Netting Mesh

Have you noticed how plastic netting mesh on a walkway surface breaks easily, becomes a trip hazard, and pieces end up in the surrounding environment? Well, we have a solution!

Our FRP grating mesh products are an excellent alternative. They are durable and will not break down, require little to no maintenance, and have the highest anti-slip rating of (V) for standard AS/NZS.4586:2004. Taupo Lakes have been using our Mini Mesh Grating to replace their timber jetties and walkways around the area.

We work to improve our environmental impact by adhering to ISO 14001:2015. The standard helps us to enhance our environmental performance, fulfil compliance obligations, and achieve environmental objectives. One way we do this is by incorporating a naturally sourced grit to provide maximum anti-slip resistance. Our products are chemically inactive meaning, they won’t take on water, won’t shrink, and will not leach chemicals into the surrounding environment.

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