Municipal Applications

Our FRP grating and anti-slip products are ideal for many municipal applications. They are easy to maintain, durable, and highly resistant to fire, slips, and corrosion.  

“I was surprised that the price of FRP was not significantly more than timber decking. There are savings in installation costs and FRP removes the need for plastic or steel mesh. Factoring in lower maintenance costs and excellent skid resistance, FRP is our preferred product for cycle trail bridge decks.”

Product Solutions

Replace timber decking on a cycle or pedestrian path with our Mini Mesh Grating that will not rot from moisture exposure in wet areas (see case study). Our grating products are so versatile; a local council even used our Mini Mesh as a barricade for an ablution block (see case study). Or improve the safety of public stair access ways with our anti-slip Stair Nosing. With a cutting service available, and non-standard sizes and finishes, we can provide a solution for most applications.

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Municipal Products

FRP regular mesh grating range yellow RAL 1021

View Regular Mesh

Our most commonly used mesh product

FRP mini mesh grating light grey RAL 7035

View Mini Mesh

For public spaces and walkway surfaces at height

FRP micro mesh grating light grey RAL 7035

View Micro Mesh

Smallest aperture for foot-friendly applications

FRP cover top grating silver grey RAL 7001

View Cover Top

For when an enclosed top surface is required

FRP anti-slip flat sheets yellow and black

View Flat Sheet

Suitable for a wide range of walkway surfaces

FRP anti-slip stair nosing colza yellow RAL 1021

View Stair Nosing

For safer stair edges

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