Industrial Applications

Our FRP grating, anti-slip products, and modular handrail and guarding systems are ideal for many industrial applications, including hazardous environments. They are durable, easy to install, low maintenance, and highly resistant to slips, fire, and corrosion.

FRP Modular Guarding Grating and Handrails Industrial Applications
Modular Guarding
FRP Modular Handrails and Grating Anti-Slip Stair Nosing Industrial Applications
Stair Treads
FRP Handrails and Grating Platform Factory Industrial Applications
Modular Handrail Assembly
FRP Modular Conveyor Guarding Industrial Applications
Modular Guarding
FRP Grating and Handrail Assembly in Factory Industrial Applications
Modular Handrail Assembly
FRP Grating Platform and Modular Handrails Industrial Applications
Grating Platform

Our grating products are suitable for ramps, walkways, platforms, assembly lines, and wash bays with a high load capacity and impact resistance. Our non-conductive Modular Handrails provide an impressive strength-to-weight ratio with a 2:1 safety factor. And our Modular Guarding System is ideal for both protection and easy access. Without the lead times typical with steel fabrication, our handrails and guarding eliminate the need for on-site formalities like hot work permits.

Product Solutions

Install an assembly made from lightweight, modular FRP materials to reduce overall fabrication and installation costs (see case study). Our Regular Mesh Grating is popular for various walkways and catwalks, with our Mini Mesh especially useful for overhead platforms. Our UV tested Modular Guarding System is ideal for perimeter fencing, pedestrian barriers, and machine guarding. With a cutting service available, and non-standard sizes and finishes, we can provide a solution for most applications.

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