Commercial Applications

Our FRP grating, anti-slip products, and modular handrail and guarding systems are ideal for many commercial applications. They are durable, easy to install and maintain, and highly resistant to slips, fire, and corrosion.

FRP mini mesh grating carpark building
Mini Mesh Grating
FRP Anti-Slip Flat Sheet Walkway Ramp Air New Zealand Commercial Applications
Flat Sheet Ramp
FRP Regular Mesh Grating McDonald's Rooftop Commercial Applications
Rooftop Grating
FRP Regular Mesh Grating Rooftop McDonald's Commercial Applications
Rooftop Grating
FRP Stair Treads Skyline Commercial Applications
Stair Treads
FRP Grating Winery Commercial Applications
Regular Mesh Grating
FRP Mini Mesh Grating Walkway Balcony Commercial Applications
Mini Mesh Grating
FRP Anti-Slip Flat Sheet Ramp Butcher Commercial Applications
Flat Sheet Ramp
FRP Micro Mesh Grating Hot Pool Commercial Applications
Micro Mesh Grating

FRP grating used for wet slippery areas around geothermal mineral pools has transformed pathways into a safe, non-slip area, completely eliminating the slip hazard that we have worked so hard on for so long to manage. Totally recommend!

Rotorua-Based Customer

Product Solutions

With a 7 mm aperture, our Micro Mesh Grating is both aesthetically appealing and comfortable under bare feet. Regular Mesh Grating replaced timber decking on a McDonald’s rooftop, which disperses the weight load more evenly across the roofing iron. Or install our anti-slip Flat Sheet on ramps for safer walkway surfaces that will last. With a cutting service available, and non-standard sizes and finishes, we can provide a solution for most applications.

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