Refrigeration Storage Facility

We supplied FRP for a new build at a refrigeration storage facility. We ensure our products meet relevant industry standards, which was imperative to our client who required compliance, especially around fall protection.
Our grating is durable to withstand industrial environments, with a grit surface to prevent slip hazards. Our enclosed top surface cover top grating formed the floor layers inside the freezer and chiller pods. And our regular mesh grating was used for the platforms and access stairways along with our stair treads with an integrated anti-slip stair nosing. It is also low maintenance like our stair nosing, which provides visibility in low light conditions and distinguishes uneven rises between treads. For the access platforms and stairways, our client implemented our modular handrails. It has a 2:1 safety factor, is long-lasting, and is resistant to UV degradation and corrosion.

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