FRP Solutions for Meat Rendering

FRP grating platform rendering

Our Fibre Reinforced Polymer (FRP) grating, anti-slip products, and modular handrails and guarding systems are ideal for installing at meat rendering plants. FRP is low maintenance, non-corrosive, has a high degree of slip resistance, and is durable in industrial applications or hazardous environments.


Our FRP grating is easy to cut with standard power tools, making for hassle-free installation on platforms, stairs, walkways, and working zones either at height or ground level. Although relatively lightweight, it can withstand the weight of a fully-loaded forklift, making it particularly effective for drain strip grating.

 Our Modular Guarding System is an ideal alternative to steel as it does not deteriorate in highly corrosive environments. It enhances workplace safety by protecting personnel from potential hazards when in proximity to operating machinery. Our guarding system can incorporate an interlock system that shuts off the machinery when the gate opens. The guarding panels are also easy to remove for machinery maintenance when required.

 Our FRP systems are easy to customise and with cut-to-size options to suit each application. Often, FRP is more cost-effective than steel and has a shorter lead time.

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FRP regular mesh grating range yellow RAL 1021

View Regular Mesh

Our most commonly used mesh product

FRP mini mesh grating light grey RAL 7035

View Mini Mesh

For public spaces and walkway surfaces at height

FRP cover top grating silver grey RAL 7001

View Cover Top

For when an enclosed top surface is required

FRP heavy duty grating grass green RAL 6010

View Heavy Duty Mesh

For extra-heavy duty applications

FRP anti-slip flat sheets yellow and black

View Flat Sheet

Suitable for a wide range of walkway surfaces

FRP anti-slip flat sheet strip colza yellow RAL 1021

View Anti-Slip Strip

Improves the anti-slip conditions of any surface

FRP anti-slip ramp cleat colza yellow RAL 1021

View Ramp Cleat

Complies to the standard for inclined walkways

FRP anti-slip stair nosing colza yellow RAL 1021

View Stair Nosing

For safer stair edges

FRP modular handrails in factory

View Modular Handrails

For industrial and commercial environments


View Modular Guarding

For guarding around machinery

Steel Grating Waterway

View Steel Mesh

For high impact and heavy load applications

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